“Day In The Life” – Mom of THREE Under THREE.

It took me six months to produce this post… why?

Oh you know because #momlife!33961285_10103427946429740_741801454007746560_nInitially I had planned to write it out when the twins turned three months old, but things just got hectic as I mentioned in my previous post.

Everyday is NOT like this by any means, but it gives you an idea of what we do!

My husband has 3 very long days where I am where the kiddos between 10-13 hours solo. For today I am sharing you a sample of that day… bear with me, it’s a long one!


5:45am: Harry wakes up!

6:00am: Ally wakes up! Once both twins are up, the husband and I get them changed, fed and ready for the day.

6:30am: Sammy wakes up and hops into bed with us.

She’ll bring her rag doll and snuggle into out bed anywhere from about 10-20 minutes depending on her [toddler] mood.

7:00am: Make coffee…33867813_10103426852566850_7569210248028749824_n.jpg7:45am: Breakfast for the toddler. Breakfast has become quick and simple; sometimes it’s peanut butter and fruit, other times a small bowl of cereal with berries.

Some days this mom has cereal, other times it has been into oats, berries, sunflower and chia seeds. Delish!IMG_20180105_091022_398 - Copy 8:15am: Once we are done with breakfast, I get Sammy cleaned up and ready for the day.

8:30am: The twins will usually take their first nap at around 8:30-8:45am. They hang in the kitchen with Sammy and I while we eat breakfast.

9:00am: Toddler Independent Play. 33710707_10103426852851280_4696664686567882752_nI set my phone timer for about 30 minutes minutes and I’ll use this time to usually get the kitchen cleaned up, get some bottles prepped and start the laundry.34037556_10103426852656670_1396123933253566464_n9:30am: Toddler Structured Activity: This can be anything; whether it’s practicing counting, a craft or learning [outside] through nature.

As long as it’s something we are both doing the activity together

10:00amSnack and Play. The twins get up between 9:45 and 10:00 from their first nap, so I like to let Sammy eat a snack while I get the twins changed and fed.

10:30am: Once everyone is up (or sometimes a bit before, if we had an earlier start to the day), we play outside in the yard before lunch.33940791_10103427890382060_4905422486817996800_n12:30pm: Twins Second Nap. 33574477_10103425293850530_165597841396334592_oIn general, the twins have managed to nap before Sammy’s nap which is great!33780757_10103426852786410_1252215642342293504_n12:45pm: Lunch time for the toddler! This day she did a PB sandwich + crackers with blackberries, raisins and some Snapea Crisps.20180109_155034After lunch, we’ll usually watch a show to unwind after playing all morning.

1:45pmNaptime for Sammy.34069030_10103427967737040_1726531846029705216_nI get the kitchen cleaned up [post lunch], switch the laundry and try to sneak a workout in (I used Pure Barre on Demand). 33965481_10103427908875000_4725409107383681024_n If there is still time before Sammy wakes up, I’ll watch something on Netflix, blog or catch up on YouTube videos while I have a post-workout snack!34137616_10103427890581660_6952416291072245760_n2:30-3:00pm: Twins wake up from nap.

3:30pmSammy is up!

The twins have been on a Mother Goose Club kick, but Sammy requested to watch Cars while we did some potty training (joy).33866553_10103426852616750_5872482425606504448_n3:45pm: Sammy is usually hungry after her nap, so I give her a quick snack. These are actually pretty delicious.34029284_10103427890651520_8708483935706808320_n 5:00pm: I clean up the living room, get any laundry folded while the twins play on the rug and Sammy in her room.33816537_10103426853000980_310251395032809472_nAfter Sammy plays for a bit, I’ll have her help me clean her room up before dinner.33962109_10103426852936110_1732429720890376192_n6:30pm: I was exhausted by the time dinner came around this night. We ate outside had eggs plus some Good Food Made Simple waffles.

7:00pm: Bedtime for the twins! We alternate who gets a bath between twins and Sammy. We uses THESE wipes for quick “showers.”

I wanted to get the twins to bed before Sammy so we could enjoy some one on one time. Sometimes they are up til 8 but most times, they are down by 7:30pm.

7:15pmBath time for Sammy. 🙂

7:30pm: Quiet time begins (this is her old bed!).20180107_183003 - Copy8:15-8:45pmBedtime for the toddler!

I’ll spruce up the house then relax for the rest of the evening while I wait for Pat to come home from work.

11:00pmBedtime for mama… there are plenty of days that I fall asleep around 9:00pm. Being a mom of three UNDER three is way more EXHAUSTING then being pregnant with a toddler. 

That’s a wrap on this “day in the life of” of mom of THREE under THREE. Our schedule* is not always perfect, but we try to have a routine of some sort to get us through the day.


*Note: we don’t follow a particular “schedule” on Saturdays (aka family days) or Playschool days.

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