Preschool Homeschool Ideas.

This year we decided to a bit of “homeschooling” for the toddler. 20180826_184809.jpgShe is super smart and we want to help her grow! Preschool just isn’t in our budget right now as over the next 12 months, we are buckling down and trying to pay off some of our debt.20180826_184643I’ve been looking at various websites online (like Munckins and Moms, Jessi Fearon) and decided to take a ton of good ideas from Jessi Fearon’s curriculum that she did for her preschooler. I’ve also found some great worksheets on these sites:

Keep the summer reading skills going with THIS fun themed matching list of words! Be sure to check out for more learning resources, games, and printables for fun all summer long! [Click HERE for the matching answer sheet].

As far as actual workbooks go, THIS ONE is my absolute favorite (and Sammy’s too).

We’ve been using it since the Spring and Sammy has learned a ton just by using it a few times a month. I also got items from Dollar Tree and Target’s dollar spot.20180826_143733.jpgNow that we are heading into the “school year,” I decided to focus with her on learning activities 3-4 times a week. Fridays she is going to be going to art classes. She is very energetic and when she does painting or art projects at home, her focus is amazing.

At first I wanted to do Dance or Gymnastics, but I’m thinking she is going to be more of a Gymnastics or Soccer kind of girl. I’ll wait til next year to see what she wants to do.

We had her in Gymnastics last winter and I just felt she wasn’t ready for the environment/ just wanted to play around.LibraryAny who, I am also going to focus on including a library day into our weekly schedule as well as “trips” once a month (museum, zoo, etc.).

  • Mondays: Library trip
  • Tuesdays: Learning Activity
  • Wednesdays: Day Off
  • Thursdays: Learning Activity
  • Friday: Art Class
  • Saturday: Grocery Shopping/ Chore Learning
  • Sunday: Day Off

This is just a really loose schedule, as sometimes it may just depend on the week. I want to take all the kiddos to a kids play place (ours nearby is Nini Bambini) so that they all can explore and interact with other kiddos. This will most likely be on Tuesdays.20180826_184723As far as Saturday goes with grocery shopping or chore learning, I want to make this a day where we cook a meal together, do laundry, grocery shopping… what ever it may be, we are doing it together and learning.

Teaching her how to do basic household skills is important too. 

As we get more into the swing of things, I’ll be sharing more posts of what we are doing/ what has helped her learn certain things. letter puzzelIf you haven’t seen THIS previous post on some of my favorite education toys for toddlers, check it out (to be updated too). 🙂

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