Preschool Homeschool “Routine”

Our toddler started Preschool the first week of September!41215842_10103522013313950_4226061885834788864_nWith my foot injury (again, long post for another day), I needed to have a break! It was a last minute decision that was made after the Preschool Homeschool post I made. 41203500_10103522013244090_8755915797882208256_nThe toddler’s 9-11am window is her most active and Preschool is 8:50am-11:20am, so it works well!

And yes, we are still homeschooling 2-3 times a day as well.41325595_10103522014406760_509215561746481152_nI’ve been working with her for the past 2 weeks on the letters A, C & D (and holding a writing utensil). We ventured a bit on the letter B but she is still drawing them like D’s, so I opted to skip it.41543141_10103525907734500_3303705847858724864_nWe’ve done the numbers 1, 2, 4, & 5 (in terms of tracing and counting). She can count up to 11, so my next goal to get up to 13 & 14.

Every time we start “homeschool,” I like to start with this  number counting chart (from Target). 41680143_10103527043238940_6884058755525246976_nWe usually start with the “letter of the day” and venture to the “number of the day.” I’ve repeated numbers and letters over the past couple of weeks to make sure she gets the concept.

She loves workout sheets, so I’m always trying to find some fun ones for her, especially themed. 41645168_10103527043184050_3944698123007295488_nKick up those fall leaves with this fun preschool maze!

This worksheet from was fun and challenging. 42546017_10103539107112840_2197167473197842432_nAlthough she isn’t able to figure out the “maze” part, I dotted line for her to follow, which is great for her to practice hand-eye coordination, tracing and concentration!

Be sure to check out for more learning resources (and click here for the preschool maze answer sheet).

I also like to use flash cards and ask various questions and we also use a variety of puzzles like this Hungry Caterpillar puzzle or these Melissa and Doug ones.letter puzzelHomeschool usually lasts about 30-45 minutes depending on the day (or when the twins wake up). I like to mix it up and sometimes we will do a craft or go outside in the yard and do some activities there.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! What are some of your favorite homeschool or learning activities with your kiddos?


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