What Is Intuitive Eating?

Now even though I mention I follow Intermittent Fasting, there are days I don’t count or log any calories until the end of the day.51492346_10103653541734940_8752664318660575232_nI just eat as I feel…

I listen to my body and stop when I am almost full [as it takes about about 20 minutes for your body to even realize you are full].51314149_10103644052456530_7110565572550590464_nThere’s are plenty of articles online but this one by Alissa Rumsey is a pretty good read. Here is a snipit from her post:

What Is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating is a non-diet approach to health and wellness that helps you tune into your body signals, break the cycle of chronic dieting and heal your relationship with food. In short: intuitive eating is normal eating. From a nutrition professional perspective, Intuitive Eating is a framework that helps us keep nutrition interventions behavior-focused instead of restrictive or rule-focused.

“We are all born natural intuitive eaters.”

Babies and toddlers eat when they are hungry and stop once they are full. A toddler can eat a ton of food one day and barely nothing the next.

That’s because over the span of the week, they have regulated what their body’s need. 51119265_10103648715646460_389157271474536448_n.jpgAs adults, we are so fixated on eating at certain meal times or eating a certain amount in a specific time frame… that most times we are eating when our body’s are not even hungry.

“Intuitive Eating is not a diet. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite.” Eating intuitively allows you to focus on your hunger cues and learning when you body is truly full. 51199719_10103647667531890_8415708341694627840_nI used to feel guilty, way back in the day to eat sweets or felt like I needed to work out to earn a treat. Not anymore… if I want a donut, I eat one. If I want to have dessert before dinner, I do it. 

While I am slowly trying to get back into bodybuilding, I focus number one on intuitive eating. My stomach has never felt better, as there is no stress with food.51925999_10103653540168080_8549854880611696640_nFor the most part, my body is learning what I need. I am always surprised that I actually almost “hit” the macros I am shooting for at the end of the day.

There is no wrong or right way to eat; you have to find what works for you.

Combining intermittent fasting plus intuitive eating [along with exercise] has allowed me to lose all my baby weight and then some.


If you have any addition questions on my eating style, feel free to drop a comment below or shoot me an email at SabrinaCL88@gmail.com. 😀

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

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