Homeschool Reading Activities Ideas.

It’s vacation week for Samantha and I’ve been trying to plan out some activities for her that are fun and learning based.

I have not shared this on the blog but Samantha now goes to preschool three days a week and does small group/ speech therapy two times a week. 52585307_10103658443027710_1611166181190795264_nHer teachers (and us) have been in awe of her progress. Sometimes it takes someone else teaching for a child to understand certain concepts.

Sometimes we learn better in small group settings versus a large classroom – and that’s quite alright. 😉

In college, my grades got better as class sizes shrank. I was awful at multiple choice exams, but excelled at written essays. We all have our learning styles, which is what makes learning so special. ❤


Samantha loves worksheets and I use all the time.stpattywordWriting and spelling is so much fun with this St. Patrick’s Day Word Tracer worksheet. Download the worksheet and let your toddlers trace some fun St. Patty’s Day words, just in time for this month.word tracerI like that this worksheet has lowercase letters, as I am trying to get Samantha to learn them (especially g, she thinks it’s a 9). For more educational resources, visit!stpattyShe’s also been loving these letter board from Melissa and Doug.

They are double sided and come with simple words for kids [4 and up] to learn. Samantha is only 3.5 years old, but she’s been interested in putting letters together and reading them.

She’s always been into “reading books,” but in the past month, it’s been mostly all day. I’m sure it has to do with her understand all letters and some words.52609010_10103668280278780_1744866846667964416_nI’ve mentioned this wipe & clean Pre-K workbook in the past, but we still use it.

Well we haven’t used it in maybe two months so that way it’s still fresh and I can see how much she has progressed.52577872_10103667321684810_3745191235636166656_n I try to work on letters/ things I know she is learning in school. The last letter they were working on was V for Valentine’s day.52769518_10103667321235710_730483377664163840_nIf you have not already, definitely check out for more learning worksheets for preschool up to 5th grade!

Hope everyone is having a great week. 🙂

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