“Minimalist” Home: Finding Purpose

I read Joshua Becker’s The More of Less and fell in love with his approach to minimalism. 49748468_10103622227459000_3219069402712375296_nHe explains when you minimize items in your home it actually helps you to find what you truly want to do/ gives you the ability to help others more.

I would say this is very true.

In the past few months, I have decluttered a lot of the kids items and other things around the house. I was able to donate it to a “Moms Helping Moms” group as well as the Epilepsy Foundation.

It made me feel good knowing those items were going to good use. It also gave me the clear mind I have needed to restart my online coaching program.20190311_111035I used to train a lot of clients “virtually,” but between having the three kids and other things going on, it was hard to find the time to work on my program again. I started reading The Minimalist Home and it opened my eyes to even more. 53188042_10103675442176280_7605600853092728832_nI started minimizing and decluttering some more this month, but this time trying to focus on the purpose of spaces. 53467215_10103675441767100_2407022032001695744_nTake the kitchen for example (before; above photo);

I cleared out the counter tops and removed the coffee machine/ moved the paper towels. I already started putting away the toaster last year, but why not the coffee machine too? 20190319_120530I make two cups in the morning and maybe a third. I found that I was constantly struggling in the corner to use the outlet for my phone or the laptop.20190319_120535

It’s been almost a week putting the coffee machine away after using (I wait 10 minutes to let it dry) and the kitchen vibe is so different, in a good way.

I rearranged our bedroom as well. I just missed having the bed against a light wall like in our old apartment. Well, the main reason was because there was a vent under that window for heat. 54517468_10103685284167850_3048200923479277568_n.jpgIt stopped working (and so glad it did, that small room gets hot fast!) last year and I thought to myself, why not put it there? What was I waiting for? 53761983_10103685370909020_2045677585756585984_nI love, love, LOVE the bedroom even more now. It’s a space where I can find peace while reading or even doing work!20190318_123302I made the room fit the purposes I needed; comfort, quiet and focus. 54521419_10103685491971410_7568831577942130688_n“The Minimalist Home” goes through each room in the house in great detailed. And although I don’t store anything at my desk, he does mention papers in the home office.

I was still able to take away valuable information on what papers you should keep or keep rid of even though I don’t have a set home office.

Even if you are not a minimalist, it helps declutter the home of items you may have never thought to get rid of or go through. Definitely give it a read!

Until next time… 🙂

16 thoughts on ““Minimalist” Home: Finding Purpose

  1. I’m going to get both of these books, I’ll be a home owner soon and I want to make sure I put my best foot forward for myself and my family. Thank you so much for this information your rooms look great.


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