Favorite Cleaning Products, etc.

If you read any of my posts in the last year and [my most recent of my favorite daily products], then you’ll know I am trying to simplify living and living “minimally.”

It’s definitely not easy with kids.

Since having my first, I became more aware of the products I use around the house.

Now I am by no means 100% there with natural products, but I do my best. My two top favorite products are the disinfectant spray and multi-surface cleaner by Seventh Generation. 20190426_141811On occasion I’ll purchase the Mrs. Meyers multi-surface spray, but for most of the time, it’s the Seventh Gen disinfecting multi-surface cleaner.mehyersKnock on wood, since using both Seventh Gen disinfectant sprays, no one has been sick. I just spray the house down every night with the disinfectant spray and using the cleaner on EVERYTHING.

The last time anyone had the flu or cold was when we brought the twins home; both babies and my hubs got sick for about a week or two.

That was November 2017.

We’ve all maybe had a cough here and there but nothing past that. I am a firm believer in essential oils now that I’ve used them for a little over a year. Both products have essential oils, but I also have a diffuser. 20190426_143051In my current stash is Eucalyptus, Lavender and Tea Tree oil. The eucalyptus I use for scent now (which is why it isn’t a high quality one), but the other two I try to get a better quality when I can. 57348186_10103709222605030_1641395608424022016_nI run the diffuser daily and every night in the kids room currently with tea tree and [always] lavender.

Here’s a jist of their properties:

  • Tea Tree: Has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties.
  • Eucalyptus: Provides respiratory health benefits (I used a higher quality one in the winter, especially with our dry heating system).
  • Lavender: Can help with restlessness. This was great to help calm the kiddos down at bedtime when were working on integrating them into the same room.

I’m no essential oil expert, but when I got the Seventh Gen disinfectant sprays, I became a bit more curious on essential oils (since it has in them). I just did my own research (which lead me to tea tree oil) and found scents that I like.

I would love to continue learning more, but I definitely think it has helped with the health of my family. 58376060_10103715536846240_8232615350449995776_nI also use the Method Wood cleaner from time to time for our coffee table. I usually need it after play-doh or marker activities.

If you notice I have a few towels under the sink. I cut using paper towels last year by like 95% and I don’t miss it.20190319_120535Now I do still have paper towels in the house for certain messes (like from meat or eggs spills) but saving those few dollars a month have definitely added up.

I try to keep everything in life as minimal as possible; whether that be my wardrobe, home decor or products for myself.57321580_10103710664295870_1886329523071352832_nI used to think I was weird when I become a “minimalist” [without even knowing] in my third year of college. People would call me cheap or say I was odd for not wanting things. 55807347_10103696085561770_923900714374135808_nI rather spend my money on experiences [and paying of debt, of course]. I live life the way I want and I love the path I’m carving. ❤

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