Social Media Detox. 🌿

Note: I created a new tab for Minimalist[ish] Living 

If you’ve been with the blog for a while now, you’ll know that I have been posting more about minimalism and living a simple life.

It’s a big part of my approach to life (especially with family and fitness), so I want to continue to talk about it.54521419_10103685491971410_7568831577942130688_nIt’s a subject that I am very passionate about.

I’ve been a minimalist ever since I was about 11 years old. It’s my first memory of wanting less stuff. I think it has to do with living in smaller spaces and when I was 11, my parents bought our childhood home.

I wanted the smaller bedroom, but my mom said no that my brothers were still young [and messy]. I finally got the smaller room when I was 15 as a Christmas gift.

I was so happy. 

People would call me weird, overly frugal or cheap. But I just really didn’t like stuff, it gave me anxiety. I wasn’t able to focus when I had a lot of stuff. 20190508_095218In 2016, at 28 years old, I saw the documentary “Minimalism.” As I was watching it, I thought wow they are describing me! I’m not the only one who thinks this way and I am not that weird.20190316_104732Now I am not criticizing people who love shopping or having lots of stuff, but that is just not me. I do have things (that I value) and my kids have plenty.

I just rather have more money for experiences and for the future of my children. We live in a small house and I love it that way. houseMost people ask me when I am going to get a bigger house, but truly I don’t want a bigger house. We will add an addition to make a bedroom/ sun room for us [and give our bedroom to our son] since we only have two bedrooms. 54517468_10103685284167850_3048200923479277568_nBut that’s it.

I decluttered a lot when we moved into this house and I paired down many kitchen items. Did my kids need 4-5 bowls and plates a piece? 20190428_141536No.

Now they each have one tray, one plate and one bowl. The silverware we lose for some reason so I do have extra of those. My oldest was gifted a Peppa Pig plate set, so that is our extra we have (they also have 3 types of cups a piece).20190319_121108It makes doing dishes easier and faster that I don’t even feel the need to get a dishwasher anymore. Less cleaning, means more time to spend with my family.

Growing up it was the love and experiences my parents gave me that I remember the most. Not the money, toys or big house.

I decided to delete Facebook [for 30 days] and unfollow a few mom vloggers that are always shopping. One comment that stuck with me was “I’m going to Target to see IF they need anything.”58652627_10103719457484250_2118480064562593792_nI do get it, it is part of their job.

I just don’t need to be bringing my kids store to store just to buy things to try to make me happy, I want them to be outside as much as possible. 20190411_173338I just didn’t like that some would say here is how you can work from home or have six figures… “it’s easy or “you can do it too.”

I don’t want to work from home, nor do I need six figures to be happy. You have to find the life that you want to create, not what others tell you to strive for. ❤

“If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.”

Greg McKeown 🌿

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