Three Kids, One Bedroom. 🌿

The kids room I’ve found is an ongoing project…61118227_10103743935440230_1527701042345541632_nSome way, some how, it always gets messy or cluttered.

We’ve been at our house for a little over a year and I think I’ve decluttered the kids room about 4, maybe 5 times.61086349_10103743935525060_141435712598704128_nEvery other room has been once or twice. Between playtime, holidays, birthdays and school projects, their bedroom always finds new residents.61280669_10103743935589930_1514982162418368512_nThe few pictures above is the original layout I did for them post decluttering. I wanted to transition Harry into a toddler bed.61598631_10103744699444160_5245511994613694464_nBut my oldest (almost 4), saw the extra toddler mattress and said she wanted to set up her bed like “Peppa Pig.”

All this meant was she wanted bunk beds.20190609_1332252648020399934256027.jpgMy oldest loves this more open layout; they all do.

“Bunk beds” or not, I like having the bigger window open with the toy chest as an extra seat for reading or for just lounging and watching the birds.20190609_1011074738112038166528803.jpgThis is the summer arrangement since we do have floor vents and I like to [obviously] have them uncovered for the winter.20190609_1311014013494737092728577.jpgHarry has been sleeping like a log and they’ve been playing in their room way more now, so I consider it a win for mom. 😉

Now if you’ve read any of my previous posts on decluttering the kids room, you’ll know I have a shed with a storage container filled with their extra toys. 38130803_10103486141710930_505039479145234432_nEvery 6-8 weeks I go through and pick toys out for the twins (if they are ready for them) and have my toddler pick a few things.

Books I tend to rotate every few weeks on my own.

We decluttered the toy chest and removed some dress up items and some dollhouse figurines. She choose a few dolls and the cash register from the shed bin.20190609_0906248850124450598894175.jpgFor the twins, I picked a few cars and a shape sorter. For weeks in the winter Sammy wasn’t playing with her dolls and “babies.” But now, she plays with them practically every single day.20190611_1152331461625676136294331.jpgThese bins from Dollar Tree just make cleaning [and organizing] so easy.

I’ve been doing this method since she was 17 months old. It has prevented boredom, the need to buy new toys and it’s a wonderful thing to see their imaginations with the same toy in a different way.

Not to mention, I always keep notebooks, stickers and crayons within reach of all three. Sure it can be a pain at times, but I love seeing them get creative. ❤20190608_1155238096621593439268464.jpgKids are simple; the main things they need [in my opinion] is love and support. ❤


For those interested in the twin loft bed, click here! We do have the slide but won’t attach it until the twins are a big older.


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