Why I Am No Longer “Intermittent Fasting.”

Since early September, my eating and workout “routine” has changed.

At first it was unintentional.

Between stress building up and lacking the desire to workout, this caused some new habits to form that I ended up sticking through with.

Overtime, I am curious to see what my “results” will be.20191009_1317483775828559558813247.jpgIt wasn’t until mid September did I notice a change; I had lost almost 10lbs in a little over two weeks and I found myself not as hungry I used to be.20191006_0657307929692160598206522.jpgSince the twins were born, I have been intermittent fasting. Again, it was an unintentional habit that formed, that I ended up sticking with.

I go into more detail on my intermittent fasting experience HERE.

During the beginning of September, there were days I didn’t eat dinner til 9:00pm or days where I woke up hungry at 7:00am. I typically would stop eating at 7:00pm and eat at 9:00am to do a 14 hours “fast.”20190928_1046302197083465249116818.jpgBut after a few days of trying to stick to intermittent fasting, I just couldn’t.

I was just too stressed. Instead, I started listening even more to my body’s hunger cues and followed a more “intuitive eating” approach.20190917_1548221406126855867571872.jpgWhile I listened to my body before when I was doing intermittent fasting, it was more or less a matter of a thirty minute to an hour eating difference.

For example, if I was hungry at 8:00am, I’d try to “hold out” as close to 9:00am.

Now, I just eat.

If I want to eat a whole pizza? I eat it.20191002_1817317031008530409805746.jpgHungry at 5:30am (when I wake up at 4:45am)? I eat. Hungry at 10:00pm? I eat something small like a yogurt or handful of nuts.

When it comes to my workouts, my stress levels were so high I found myself not working out my usual five to six days. Instead, it dropped to four.20191009_1331242648852724922713041.jpgI found that I was able to push way harder during my workouts and give 110% versus maybe 90%.20191010_132519453227456563881153.jpgWhile weight loss when never my intention or goal, it was “nice” to see the scale at pre[first child] baby weight back in 2014.

I’ve been enjoying working out four days a week.

There is no “pressure” [from myself] to get in a workout while the twins nap. I enjoy my rest days. I also find that I am satisfying my cravings more (to a certain extent).20190925_1559347342318569196766715.jpgEven being a Fitness professional and coach, I am always learning.

I find that my body and hormones are still adjusting to having had twins and they are almost two. As I get older, my body has different needs then when I first lost 100lbs just a bit over 10 years ago.20191007_1613235861193651573685212.jpgOur bodies are constantly changing.

But as I tell all of my clients and class participants, “progress NOT perfection.” ❤

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