Minimalist Home Part II: House Tour.

Earlier this year, I shared what is means to me to have a “minimalist” home.

Every minimalist has their own ideal of what minimalism in their home is – that’s the beauty of it.

Today, I wanted to share what each part of our home looks like as I don’t think I ever shared each room.

As a side note, some of these may be old photos, but layouts will be current.

Our house is under 800 square foot, has two bedrooms and is one level.

We also have two sheds; one in the front and one in the back yard for storage.
When you first enter the house, to the left is the kitchen.
The kitchen is about a third smaller then the one in our previous apartment, but space is utilized way better.
If you turn past the kitchen, we have the laundry room and second entrance.
Right next to that is the bathroom.
And finally at this side of the house, we have the kid’s room (which is technically the master bedroom).

For now it’s works that the kiddos share rooms.

My oldest is four and the twins are two.
Once they get a bit older, we will figure out the next step.
Back towards the kitchen to the other side of the house, we have the living room.
I love the amount of sunlight that comes through the slider door.

Lastly, we have the bedroom.
Definitely my favorite space in the house to unwind, but also work on some blogs and workouts.

And there you have it!

Our version of a minimalist home. It doesn’t have to be all white walls or free of decor.

It’s about keeping what matters and serves a purpose for you and removing what doesn’t. ❤

If you’re looking for a great book on tips to creating a more minimalist home in your space, check out Joshua Becker’s The Minimalist Home book. 

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