Minimalist Homeschool “Room” [Pre-K & K]

My first born just turn FIVE this past week. wp-15968905909542590385204361029468.jpgI honestly cannot believe she is five. The cliche is true; they grow up too fast.wp-15968905307986508687958007364173.jpgAs of right now, our town [re-voted] will have a hybrid and fully remote learning option. We plan to have our oldest do the hybrid option.

This wouldn’t be so new to her as she went to preschool a couple of days a week and at home I’d do my own “homeschooling” based on what she was learning at school. I can supplement, but she needs to have her IEP services.wp-15856915221631690994890628549389.jpgMy parents got this desk for her birthday; unfortunately it’s sold out. wp-15968905306424199619946965158096.jpgWe created a “pretend school” [as she calls it] in the kid’s bedroom. wp-15968905325723983931098415559961.jpgI wanted a desk that was perfect for both her and the twins that they could use for a few more years (the box said ages 3-12). wp-15968905917387611744290991147831.jpgI went to Target to look for school decor/ items at their Dollar Spot but didn’t score anything (the number chart is from last year).

I found this workbook online at Target at for my oldest (says 3-5 yrs old).wp-15968905944384556374750043807190.jpgI also managed to find these at Target, plus I also got markers, crayons, notebooks and erasers for just fifty cents.wp-15968912173785902931014299113410.jpgThe hooks and clock are from Walmart. 

I also went to Dollar Tree to snag some [more] workbooks, dry erase markers and this ABC border.wp-15968868902263570030945389497470.jpgSome other resources I use for my oldest are ABC Mouse, worksheets from, the occasional Kiwi Co. Box, and this Melissa & Doug See and Spell puzzle.52609010_10103668280278780_1744866846667964416_nI keep everything in a section of their closet to minimize “visual” clutter in the space.wp-15968949031801011009633880819070.jpgThe twins have picked up a lot of things since my oldest had to do remote learning in the spring. I don’t plan to enroll them in pre-k this year, so I will be doing homeschooling with them as I did with my oldest when she was their age.

And that wraps up our sort-of minimalist homeschool “room!” 

I put the links for most of the items but if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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