Tiny House Stay.

This past week I stayed in a tiny house.wp-16003962279616474921156605874104.jpgIf you know me outside of the blogging world, you probably might know I am obsessed with tiny houses. wp-1600384103796517650357932688775.jpgMy current house is just under 800 square feet; for now the four of us fit comfortably in our small house.

For the past couple of years, it’s been on my bucket list to stay in a tiny house overnight.wp-16003841141665865290585950807295.jpgSince I am not working until next year, I figured I’d start taking advantage of the “time off.”wp-16003841090315698081292769703904.jpgI decided to take the plunge and search for tiny houses to stay in.wp-16003841118898392364514655118711.jpgI ended up finding the tiny house I stayed at on Glamping Hub. It was the cheapest (overall) and closest to my house. wp-16003841013122488443028310826560.jpgI really liked that it was just off a farm and not completely in the middle of nowhere. wp-16003841017752868350480801142423.jpgEven though the hosts and their farm was a five minute walk away, the tiny house felt very secluded and private.wp-16003841025671127103781613284169.jpgThe first night, I stayed alone. wp-16003969823571423184438060255131.jpgTo make it more relaxing, I had prepped some food to bring with me.wp-16005229388813142311361928029945.jpgAll I had to do was reheat the food versus cook an entire meal. They did have plenty of tools and condiments if I had chose to cook. wp-16003964204393236879735274821913.jpgOn the second night I brought my oldest along for the adventure. wp-16003841007319137747529946170084.jpgShe has been getting into hiking and camping the past few months, so I wanted to share the experience with her.wp-16003841044238291655323491398365.jpg I think it’s safe to say, she enjoyed herself wp-16003840961085404696429772479855.jpg[I used Uno cards that were in the house to make our own version of a “memory game.”]

I loved that there was a fire pit that was easy to use. wp-16003982164414580919674272902832.jpgI would say the only con was the outhouse, especially late at night, but they did provide plenty of lanternsย and lighting.wp-16003964212194188111969546760256.jpgTo make it easy for my daughter, I brought a training potty with me in case she had to go at night [then take it to the outhouse after].wp-16003841076517500540041128523398.jpgOther than that, my stay at the tiny house was perfect. wp-16005232024711104711066251001656.jpgI felt very refreshed and was able to “fill my cup” as my mom says.

This stay was something that was way overdue, especially as a mom of three. I do plan to go back in the near future.

The hosts were very nice and responsive to any questions I had. If you’ve never tried Glamping Hub, definitely give it a look!

Perfect for having a “camping experience” with a little bit of glam. โค

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