Kindergarten, COVID Style.

My daughter started Kindergarten (hybrid model) on September 10th.wp-159984089430436107601949983963.jpgIt’s been a few weeks since she’s started her A.M session and only two since she started her “remote learning” sessions.

The in school portion is two and a half hours. She is going five days a week unless she happens to be off on that particular Wednesday.

Her school designated half of Wednesdays for the teachers. Some Wednesdays the A.M sessions only goes in and others it’s only the P.M.

We’ve been working with her on using a chore chart since the summer to build more independence and routine.blogchart

Each week she gets a prize ($5 or less) for completing her chart. This particular week was for some new masks for school.

She has tried a few different ones and said these Cat & Jack ones were the most comfortable. They are only $4.00 for a two pack at Target.

They do have to wear masks in school but they do get a mask break, plus have a snack time (items must be prepackaged).

wp-16018104657684131495573909041430.jpgHere are some snacks we like; she has to pick an applesauce pouch plus two other snacks. Friday’s is fruit snack day as a special treat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, as far as the remote learning goes, she has lives sessions weekly at a set time in the afternoon. I like to block out 1:30pm-3:00pm as homeschooling time in our school “room.”wp-15968905325723983931098415559961.jpgShe does her live remote session plus we work on any assignments she may have on various apps through her teacher.wp-16012255519543661896919910085028.jpgI also still use ABC Mouse with her as well as THISย workbook.

We are still learning as the weeks go by; some days are easier than others. I am thankful that I only have one child in school and that she is in kindergarten.wp-15998408948733328637735368893745.jpg To those families who have multiple children in school, I give you so much credit. It’s not easy, but we got this. โค

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