Going Fully Remote.

We are officially in fully remote mode over here.

Last week my daughter’s school had one case occur for the first time and they decided to have a two week break since the “secondary” elementary school (grades 2-5) has had 5 cases.

Typically they’ve just been doing a deep clean and tracing and the next day off. I was surprised when they decided to just close for two weeks.

Then came this news; the decision to go fully remote until the day after the Martin Luther King holiday on January 19th. wp-16058042845564351121684216355557.jpgI was not mentally prepped for that. I was thinking maybe they’d go back first week of January, but I understand why they did this.

Between people traveling around and the increasing cases, it just makes sense then to have people missing school because they have to quarantine.wp-16058042854635869476729637532038.jpgIt just makes for more consistancy. 

The tough part is that since it’s peak season for Amazon, their dad only has one weekday off. The other four days that I’ll be “solo” with the kids will be tough, but we’ll get through it. wp-16058043426753901510714216525900.jpgWe do have headphones for my oldest, which has helped. 

I’m trying to create a routine like last spring where I put a TV show the twins like where they can relax while my oldest does her school work in her bedroom.

The two are just in their “threenager” stage. #twingang o_O

Of course, I understand these are chaotic times, but I am not one to have my child on the computer for three plus hours.wp-16059687243138526877947022273535.jpgI GET IT.

We’re obviously going to work through it, but it still sucks.

It’s definitely going to be important to prioritize self-care for myself while I stay at home [most days] with the kiddos over the next two months.wp-16058058666687960757142567102816.jpgWe’ll be here taking it one day at a time and staying safe.

5 thoughts on “Going Fully Remote.

    1. Oh man that is rough! My daughter has an IEP so she had to go to summer school to make up her services which was nice. I am not sure what color we are but I am hoping they go back January 19th currently planned. Sending you plenty of good vibes. ❤


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