Getaway House Boston [Tiny House] Stay.

I couldn’t resist trying out another tiny house.

I decided to go with Getaway Boston this time since my Instagram feed was [almost] always showing it as a ad.I clearly took it as a sign that my phone was not only a. listening to what I wanted to do but also b. knew I should try this place out.

I saw a discount code the week before Black Friday for $35 dollars off your booking – immediately I knew it was the right time to book my “getaway.”I wanted to take my daughter with me since she loved the first tiny house we stayed at. I did a little research beforehand to see what they had handy to make sure I prepped well.

When we arrived at the tiny house, it was already dark.wp-1606994554434558579196137421832.jpg#whyisitSOdarkat430pm?

When we entered the tiny house, we first noticed there was a little note and a complementary s’mores kit left for us. You bet my daughter was super excited and it was such a nice touch.After we unpacked some of our items, I started the fire. wp-16069945508067056185714788394756.jpgThey had firewood and kindling for you to use (charged to you after your stay).

If we’re being honest here, this was the first time I made a fire by myself. Previously, my children’s father would be the one to do this task.wp-16069945504433353436248361483920.jpgSecret?

It was super easy with the kindling log.

For dinner, I had made sandwiches and brought plenty of snacks for us. After we played a few games, read some stories and watched a movie. wp-16069945470707721552511390050400.jpgWhile I did bring the games for us to play and my portable DVD player (since there is no wifi), they did have a mini “library” and a deck of cards/ dice in the tiny house.I ended up going to bed pretty early and woke up the next morning super refreshed; definitely the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.

I decided to try the pour over coffee they had as provisions, but I did bring some coffee from home in my thermos in case I didn’t like the coffee at the tiny house. Having said that, their coffee was delicious!

Later in the morning we took a little stroll around the campgrounds.

It was only 27 degrees, so my daughter didn’t last too long. Once we got back inside, we watched a movie and ate breakfast.ย  My daughter had woken up pretty early, so she ended up taking a nap around 8:00am. While she napped, I sipped on my second cup of coffee and read.

It felt so good to just relax and get away from the “everyday.” wp-16069945479413081396656010684896.jpgThis year has been such a whirlwind that this tiny house was just what I needed to “end” 2020 on. I definitely enjoyed my experience with Getaway Boston and plan to do another one in the near future.ย 

If you’re interested in booking your FIRST Getaway House experience, click HERE for $25 off you’re stay!

Have you ever stayed at a tiny house?

7 thoughts on “Getaway House Boston [Tiny House] Stay.

  1. Is it safe to say that the โ€œeverything is bigger in the USโ€ statement is officially changing? ๐Ÿ˜… Iโ€™ve never stayed in a tiny house but it does look like a fun experience!

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      1. Sounds wonderful! I apologise in advance if I follow your site a thousand times. You pop up on my feed and I follow but for some strange reason it keeps showing as if I donโ€™t follow ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ


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