Pursuit of Happiness.

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”wp-16066822407918588985715733705573.jpgThis quote has been said by many and I often try to remind myself of this.

I was re-watching Matt D’Avella’s video on The Happiness Paradox and in this video he says “the more we think about the things we don’t have, the more we remind ourselves we don’t have them.”

“The more we chase happiness, the more we remind ourselves that we aren’t.”wp-16066822399966929222129882456186.jpgThis can cause a viscous cycle where we are stuck in a paradox.

In his newest video on mediation with Sam Harris.

In that video, Sam Harris says “one cannot become happy, you can only be happy.”wp-16066822392613880594398596252491.jpgThe kids are my pride and joy, so why am I not focusing my energy on them?

Of course, I am human and it’s okay to be unhappy. But if we wait for life to happen, we are just letting it pass us by.

If there is anything that this year can teach us is that anything can happen and be taken away from us at any moment. ❤


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