To New Beginnings.

I debated on writing this post, but my mind has been racing.

During the last three weeks of December, so much happened; my brother go into a car accident, I had a family member pass away, my grandmother ended up back in the hospital and my ex and I finally re-filed for divorce on December 30th.

It was a lot of handle mentally.

My workouts suffered and so did my eating. The only thing that made me feel better was making chocolate chip cookies; hence that became my diet for a few weeks. I do apologize as well for having yet announce the winner of the giveaway.

I started to feel like a zombie; doing the same thing day in and day out. I was relieved when school break hit. I no longer had to rush in the morning to wake up to make sure my daughter was set on the computer at 8:45am.

However, it was also a con because I found myself staying in bed past 8:00am. I would wake up feeling “hung over” with zero energy. I just couldn’t wait for the holidays to be over.

Now that they are finally over and it’s a new year, I do feel at ease. I know 2021 is just a number but hopefully as the months go by, things return to [semi] normal. Next step is to take the child impact class to finalize the divorce paperwork.

So far, my oldest is set to return back to her “hybrid model” on January 19th. I am hoping for this at least to occur, if not I will see about the twins going to pre-school since that age group is considered essential for attending “in school.”

Then after all that is settled, I will see about where work stands if it will reopen in March or if the company will maintain being remote.

As you can see, there is just so much that is up in the air, hence why I decided to do a no spend month for January. It will provide me with some sense of “control” during a time I can only take day by day.wp-16092789131548918368291910400781.jpgHere’s to better days ahead for us all. ❤

Happy new years friends!

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