Second Getaway Boston Stay.

Solo getaway.SabstinysThis tiny house getaway was much needed.

The week before had been very stressful and I definitely needed the break to unwind.

This was my second time heading to Getaway Boston. Funny enough I ended up in the same cabin. I got to the tiny house later in the day and walked into a “welcome back note” and some stroop waffles. stroopI was starving and this time for dinner, I brought turkey sausage, potatoes, and green beans to reheat in a pan. dinnertinyAfter I at, I made some coffee and did a bit of reading. I love the pour over coffee they have as a provision (it’s only $1.50 a packet). They do have half and half creamer, but I did bring my own.139851371_10104432125352130_5029788147199106325_nI did use my mobile hot spot to binge me some Blacklist. I know it’s supposed to be no wifi but watching my show was just what I needed to unwind.

I woke up a bit before 8:00am to this beautiful view.139796013_10104432125426980_1535129244066980877_nI made some coffee and did a bit more reading before I left.readingThe room looked like a dream with the snow reflecting.bedsI honestly did not want to leave.cozyI did wish the temperature was better to use the fire pit outside, but I know it’s winter.tinyI’ll definitely be looking into stay for a third time in March.

As long as the temperature is about 45 degrees, I’m all set.tiny houseIf you’re looking to stay in one of Getaway’s tiny houses, click HERE for more info and to get $25 off your first stay. If you need a good spot to recharge, definitely check Getaway out.

It’s slowly becoming my home away from home. ❤

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