Minimizing My Workout Equipment.

Since early January, my knee has be bothering me a lot.

I’ve had bad swelling when I jump too much or use the rower.wp-16037570079068582946233226878272.jpgFor those who don’t know, I had hip and knee surgery when I was 14 & 15 to correct a leg deformity. I had the what in layman’s term was called “frog legs.”

It was a bummer that if the technology was better then I was younger (my mom knew something was up from a fall when I was 6 years old), I could have just had a brace when I was younger to correct the issue. 

In short, being overweight and having my legs develop wrong, I was going to have arthritis before 20; the surgery was to help postpone it. As y’all know I lost the weightbut was still new I was going to get arthritis.

And so, the time has come; at almost 33, arthritis has [most likely] taken over my right leg. wp-16123645388266448947907578018808.jpgNow I haven’t confirmed it with my doctor, but all the symptoms are pretty clear. Having worked with clients with leg issues and being in physical therapy in the past, I know more or less what to do to keep it at bay.

I do have a doctors appointment set for next month.

Until then, I’ve avoided a lot of jumping exercises or weighted exercises that I know bother me, such as lunges (I do them body weighted). I’ve also been wearing a brace and icing my right knee as needed. 

Now that I know what to avoid/ what to do, I have been feeling much better. I was trying to go hard and ignore it (duh, so wrong) but it got to a point where I couldn’t even press the gas pedal without extreme pain.

I decided to sell a good chunk of my fitness equipment, with the exception of my kettlebells. I’ve found that using the kettlebells are less painful on my joints vs. holding two dumbbells.140311848_10104428664866970_3960646463965348320_nI just can’t use most of my equipment, especially the barbells without severe pain.

As a fitness coach, it’s tough to have to back down on going hard but over the past month I’ve found a new love for boydweight and no equipment workouts. wp-1613232372098.jpgIf a workout has a lot of jumping I’ll modify when needed (like side steps for jumping jacks or squat to calf raise for jump squats). Below are some of my favorite bodyweight/ no equipment workouts:

Now these workouts below have jumping in them, but if my knee is feeling up for it, I’ll do most of it. Again, I’ll modify when needed:

Let me know if you try any of the workouts; happy sweating!

*Disclaimer: Please be mindful that these workouts are part of my OWN personal workout routine. Before beginning any fitness routine, please consult your health care provider.

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