Self Care Habits.

Back in the day, I used to laugh at “self care.”

I thought it was a waste of time and unnecessary. But overtime, especially through separation and divorce, I’ve learned that it is essential. 

Reading:wp-1613652372875.jpgOf course, so simple yet so relaxing. I’m currently reading Lives of the Stoics and have been loving it. I’ve become interested in stoicism since I saw Ryan Holiday on one of Matt D’Avella’s videos

Lighting Candles:home There is just something so calming about lighting candles. It’s relaxes my mind and just gives me all the warm feelings. 

Baths:wp-16095149507913033582016890692453.jpg I used to find baths such as waste, but when I was lifting heavier towards the end of 2020, I needed to incorporate more Epsom salt baths to FIX my legs. I wish I’ve done them sooner because my they are heavenly, especially while reading.

Podcasts: wp-1613567926589.jpgI’ve been listening to The Minimalists podcast weekly, while sipping my second cup of Joe.

Cooking:wp-16123677977902684169165598456123.jpgI’ve found that cooking a few meals in advanced has just eased my mind. Pair cooking with a podcast, some kombucha and you have yourself a nice, relaxing activity. 

Exercising:wp-1613232371979.jpgAn obvious for me. 😉

As I mentioned before, I’ve been focusing on kettlebell, body weight and booty band workouts. I’ve recently purchased this band, since unfortunately I lost my band.wp-1613740887688.jpgThis preworkout is my favorite and gives me the energy I need to push through my workouts. (Aminos are not necessary to supplement, but I do enjoy them).

So, there you have it.

Six self care habits that I try to implement [almost] daily. I’ll notice my mood is off if I don’t do at least two of these habits daily. 

As you can see, they are nothing “crazy;” just simple ways to enjoy life. 

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