As of March 2nd, I was officially divorced.

We had the final divorce hearing on February 16th, everything went well. We just had to wait for the judge to sign off. Technically we’ve been unofficially divorced since that day, but I was waiting to have the decree in hand that made it “official.”

When I got the letter in the mail, I was relieved.

As the day progressed, I got emotional. We separated in July of 2019, so we never made it to our third wedding anniversary which was on September 3rd. In this post, I know my thoughts are currently all over the place but growing up, I had no intentions of getting married.

I wanted to adopt a boy and travel around.

Clearly, that didn’t happen but isn’t that the funny thing about life? It obviously never goes as planned. I guess my point here is that; I had planned to grow old with my children’s father and for now I have a blank canvas to paint.

I’ve been trying to focus a lot of my energy on personal development and self care

I’ve been re-doing my HIIT e-guide while revamping it at the same time. This has given me motivation to challenge and push myself out of my comfort zone. I also am working on getting my group fitness certification.

I started out as a health coach, then personal trainer.

Over the years I’ve learned I prefer teaching in a group setting. While I still have the knowledge I had as a personal trainer, I am choosing to go a different route in life and seeing where it takes me.wp-1615124247960.jpgI know, I’m a broken record but “one day at a time, right?”

20 thoughts on “Divorced.

      1. So, I reckon it’s your motivation for working out and living healthier. A new start on a new life. Which, it’s not entirely new… but it is.


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