Personal Growth.

Remember how I was saying I let go of some boundaries and have been focusing on my revamping my HIIT + Strength E-Guide?

Well I am officially finished with the four weeks.

Here’s my before and after:IMG_20210317_124105_132One thing I want to mention is that I did not change my diet. I still ate cookies, donuts, pizza and such. I wasn’t looking for weight loss, but rather focusing on building strength and muscle [plus revamping the e-guide].

But during week three, I was really thinking to kick it up a notch. I don’t think I’ve ever shared this on my blog but I used to be into bodybuilding. wp-1616250231417.jpgBefore I had my laparoscopy, I has been focusing on bodybuilding for maybe two months. After the surgery, I was recovering and then I got pregnant shortly after with my oldest.

That was almost SEVEN years ago.

I wanted to get back into bodybuilding a couple of years ago but my ex-husband was against it. He said that it was a vain sport – nothing wrong with that opinion.

HOWEVER, what was wrong was that my ex-husband chose not to support me in my goals. While I was okay with not doing bodybuidling to please him, I realized I was putting my growth on the back burning for someone else.wp-1616287584439.jpgSo I hired a nutrition coach.

It was someone who I met years ago at an old studio I taught spin at. Through a random encounter, I found her Instagram and started following her. I saw all her meal prep posts and it just got me in the mood to work hard to transform myself.wp-1616287584402.jpgIs it vain? Maybe to some.

But I just want to prove to myself that I can actually do it. Bodybuilding is intimidating and scary – I was always just dipping my toes in it. Now I’m diving right in to see where this journey can take me.

My revamped HIIT + Strength E-Guide plus nutrition coaching for the next 12 weeks… I can’t wait to see the results.wp-1614953167979.jpgI’ll be sharing updates here and there, so stay tuned!

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