Run Down.

I have to admit, I’ve been pretty run down the past week.

From the moment I first subbed in March, to getting the interview and demos at the new gym that I was just hired at – add Crossfit on top of that mix and WHOA.wp-1618859772275.jpgI”ll be honest, I’m just tired with a dash of anxiety.

I’ve done more in the past month then I have in the last year since quarantine; working out, working, driving and running around.wp-1618859770846.jpgDon’t get me wrong, it’s feels amazing to be busy again and surrounded by people. I’ve just been mentally drained and on the verge of getting burnt out.

I know I need to take a break.wp-1618859771701.jpgMy daughter started full day of Kindergartner this week as I mentioned in a previous post.

I’ll admit, I was a bit emotional.wp-1618860759849.jpg It actually felt like the first day of school. I was used to her going to preschool for three hours, so hybrid Kindergarten wasn’t much different (just more work obviously).

She was super excited to get her new lunchbox, as I wanted something that had containers and ice packs since we plan to pack a lunch for her most days.wp-1618861369099.jpgIt’s been nice to just go back to some “normal.”

In New Hampshire, most restrictions were lifted last week. It feels weird but in a good way to be surrounded by people again. Even my daughter was shocked and said “wow that’s a lot of people going to school.”wp-1619005088473.jpgIt’s been nice to get some extra one on one time with the twins.wp-1619005088624.jpgWe’ve just been enjoying the weather as much as we can.

After I post this I have to teach, catch up on reading and I also have a one on one Crossfit session. Going to try to at least get some rest in there as I will be kid free in the afternoon. We all know rest is important to avoid burn out.

I know if I don’t take some today, I am on the verge of just that.

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