Slowing Down.

It hit me the other day…

All this “being busy” that I threw myself into post divorce literally goes against who I am.

As a minimalist, I try to focus on intentional living and not flooding my calendar. It’s important to rest, recharge and reset. For almost a month I have done absolutely none of that except for the less than 24 hours I had at the tiny house.

I haven’t sat down to just read a book; I’ve just been focusing on studying as much as I can. What stopped me in my tracks was when my son came into my bedroom as asked me to cuddle and read him a book. I was so tempted to say “in a little bit, I need to read.” But I stopped myself.

Time and attention.

Two valuable things we can give to our kiddos as well as ourselves. I cuddled with him in bed and read him the story. I just sat and enjoyed the moment. My studying could wait; he isn’t going to be three and a half forever.

That particular day the sun was shinning and I decided to just sit outside and slowly enjoy my coffee and breakfast on my deck. I haven’t done this as much as I should, but it felt good to just slow down.wp-1619187398198.jpgI had the urge to just write all my thoughts here in this post you’re currently reading.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the need to be busy.

When I hired my nutritionist she recommended that I get a minimum of 8,000 steps a day, since then I’ve become very fixated on the need to get those steps in. Just random things have just clouded my head.

This morning, I decided to just take a breather and write outside.

In the process my neighbor came up to me and we started talking about arthritis and knee pain which sounds hilarious but it was just nice. For those who don’t know, I had hip and knee surgery and 14/15 years old respectively and arthritis is creeping up on me.

But that’s a long story for another day.

I wish there was a better word I can give you but it was very nice to just slow down.

I really need to start doing it more.

One day at a time. 😉

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