RXBAR Oats Review.

Recently, RX bar sent me their A.M oatmeal cups sampler pack.wp-1615124248088.jpgI was so pumped to try this out as lately, I’ve been craving oatmeal for breakfast. If you’ve been following me for the last year or so, you’ll know I’ve been on a Greek yogurt bowl kick.

When I hired my nutrition coach, she actually switched me to oatmeal for my breakfast and I was actually excited to change it up. While I do like routine and really enjoyed my yogurt bowl, I was ready for a change.

Now, on to the flavors; first up was the maple oats.wp-1615124248249.jpgVanilla.wp-1615124248446.jpgApple Cinnamonwp-1615124248355.jpgAnd lastly, chocolate.wp-1615124248305.jpgThese oats all roughly have the same macros (here’s the back of the vanilla); about 35g carbs, 12g protein and 8g of fat. wp-1622030293180.jpgI love the higher protein count as I am always looking to get more protein in my diet.

What’s great is if you want a bit more protein, I recommend adding an egg white [or two] instead of just water. Speaking of water, it says to add water to the fill line but I like to add unsweetened almond milk to mine for a creamier taste.

The first one I had to try was the apple cinnamon.wp-1621864669358.jpg I used to big big on putting apples and cinnamon in my oats way back in the day before kids. I had these oats pre hiking and they kept me fueled for the hour [and a couple of hours past that too].

I topped them with fresh blackberries, pepitas and hemp seeds. The blackberries paired nicely with the apple cinnamon taste and I’ll definitely have this combo again.

Next, I tried the maple. wp-1618859772596.jpgIf you didn’t know, I went to undergrad in Vermont and they are pretty serious about good maple syrup.

Naturally I became the same way. I added banana to these oats along with fresh blueberries, pepitas and hemp seeds and they were absolutely delicious.

As for the vanilla RXBAR oats, I did just blueberries and hemp seeds to keep it simple. These oats were really good but I will say the maple just added a special touch for me over just having vanilla oats. wp-1616990912787.jpgThe last one I tried was the chocolate. wp-1622029353843.jpgTo be honest, I am not a fan of chocolate in my oats but these oats were pretty good. They tasted pretty close to a warm cookie dough. The strawberries mixed in was a perfect touch to pair with the chocolate chunks. 

By far out of the four flavors, apple cinnamon was my favorite and maple was a close second. I’ll definitely be purchasing these on my next grocery run for a quick and easy on the go meal.

Side note, if you’ve never tried their protein bars, they are pretty bomb. The chocolate sea salt and the maple sea salt are my favorites! wp-1621975317285.jpgLet me know if you try any of these RXBAR oats for yourself!

Happy eating. 🙂 


5 thoughts on “RXBAR Oats Review.

  1. My favorite breakfast has to be a toast with avocado spread and a boiled egg chopped up at the top with some pepper sprinkled…..and of course coffee with the creamer you suggested a while back…Omggg so good!

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    1. So glad you like that creamer! I think people are catching on because I have issues finding it lol! Congrats on winning the giveaway! Shoot me an email (sabrinacl88@gmail.com) or DM on FB with your address. 🙂


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