Time For A Break.

I stopped working with my nutrition coach.

I originally signed up for three months to see where I could take my body but something happened in the last few weeks. wp-1621081945835.jpgI felt my energy depleting, mainly because I had increased my training at Crossfit. I found myself faced with a lot of “going out” situations with my kiddos or friends.wp-1623867234056.jpg It was honestly starting to scare me.

I knew I had come to a point where “dieting” and keeping track of my macros was getting too much for my mental state. To back track, I’ve been tracking my macros since 2014 but it’s mainly to see where my iron and sodium are for the day.

For those who don’t know I am slightly anemic, hence the iron tracking.

I also like to keep track of my sodium intake as I usually feel very lethargic and bloated after I eat a certain amount. Also if I ever felt my clothing start to get a bit snugged, I can look back and see okay maybe I was eating too many calories, too much fat, etc. 

These are reasons I like to use My Fitness Pal.

I would typically log all my meals at the end of the day (and it was easy since I pretty much ate the same things daily). I never took the time to plan out macros and set out a days worth of meals the night before.

It started to give me anxiety doing that as I just [personally] felt very restricted.

Now that the weather is warmer, I’m more out and about with the kiddos.wp-1621975317285.jpg I usually resort to protein bars to help fuel me.

In 90 degree whether, the last thing I want to do is carry an extra cooler for myself with a meal. I wanted to enjoy snacks with my kiddos. For my meal plan, my coach wanted me to avoid processed foods which was such a great experience. I love the progress I made and how my body composition has changed over the last three months.

I even found that I needed less caffeine for energy throughout the day!

But again, with it being summer and there are so many gatherings (especially with “the world” reopening), I just want to be able to share it and not feel “afraid” to eat ice cream or a cookie because it will derail my progress.

I also don’t want to show my kiddos restriction. I want them to see you can enjoy treats but in moderation.wp-1623867234389.jpgSo, I’m taking a “diet break.”

Right now I just want to listen to my body and follow a more intuitive eating approach.

My coach was amazing and answered all questions, comments and concerns I had over these last three months. I just felt myself going though a downward spiral and just wasn’t able to maintain limiting processed foods.

On top of that, I had other personal things going on in life (as we all do) and just found that focusing too much on my food was causing more anxiety.

I’ll still be tracking, but very loosely and eating at my maintenance calories.* So far it’s been about a week doing things on “my own” and I do feel much better mentally.wp-1623867233789.jpgAs I always say, “one day at a time.” 


If you’re curious, I used RP coach app to find out my maintenance calories for my activity level, etc. Be sure to talk to your primary care doctor and/or nutritionist before attempting any new diet plan.


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