Last week I got sick.

I had a small cold that seemed to come about Friday afternoon. After class that morning, the kiddos and I went home. We ended up staying home for two days straight. We seemed to have come down with a cold and everyone was sniffly and tired.

Movies and plenty of popcorn it was.

We also stayed plenty hydrated, promise. 😉

This past Tuesday, I felt much better and resumed my Crossfit workouts. Of course, I picked one of the toughest workouts to come back to, but it was sweaty and just what I needed.

If you know me, you’ll know I hate not being able to workout.

Being sick to the point where I can’t workout just starts to weigh my mind down; I start to overthink, get anxiety, etc. I tried to get out of it but it just kept getting worse. For the long fourth of July weekend, I just stayed home and rested all. I only left the couch to eat, shower and obviously go to the bathroom.

I had plenty of naps and play catch up on Loki (aka the only Marvel character I like).

My body felt refreshed waking up Tuesday morning. It was good knowing all that rest helped me get better. I know it’s something so obvious, but I tend to be very stubborn when it comes to recovery.

Since my severe bursitis flare up, I’ve been focusing on resting way more. If you know me outside of the blog world, you’ll know I am actually not a big fan of T.V. [except for Blacklist]. Nothing wrong with watching T.V shows; it’s just not my thing. I’ll watch YouTube videos on occasion or watch a podcast interview but that’s about it.

Forcing myself to watch T.V shows and get into different shows helps me rest.

Most of the times I watch a show, I foam roll and stretch. I don’t really like to use the phrase “force myself” when it comes to T.V, but essentially that is what I had to do in the beginning. Now I make it a habit to watch an episode or two of something while I work on mobility.

And you know what?

I’ve noticed the different tremendously and now it’s become a habit.

I always tend to just “go, go, go.”

But I realized that as I get older and train harder, rest and recovery needs to take priority as well.wp-1625696276224.jpgAs usual, always trying to take it “one day at a time.” 

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