Self Work.

It’s been about quite some time of self work.

I’ve gone from separated in late 2018, to attempting to retry again during the pandemic to separated again in summer 2020 to filing for divorce at the end of 2020 to finally becoming a divorced, single mom and home owner in early 2021.

What a whirlwind.

During this time, I’ve learned a lot about myself…and I mean a lot.

I’ve learned the type of partner I am in a relationship.

I’ve learned to set boundaries and voice my needs.

I’ve learned to take time and prioritize my mental health; even if it means disappointing others.

If you constantly worry about disappointing others, you’ll end up disappointing yourself. I’ve shifted far from this mindset and I have never been happier.

While these things seem simple, I’ve come to realize I wasn’t true to myself in past relationships [of any kind]. I would hold things in, agree to avoid confrontation and not voice how I felt.

In that time I’ve read so many things, whether about personal development, relationships or co-parenting.

I’ve listen to a million podcasts.

I’ve just tried to constantly learn and grow.

It feels good to be myself and not worry how others will perceive me.It just feels good to feel good. ❤

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