[Almost] Three Months In: Low Carb Lifestyle.

I’m currently two-ish months into this low carb lifestyle, almost three months.

Not much has changed with the exception of me having trouble now hitting my carbs for the day… never thought I’d ever say THAT.

Some other PROS:

  • I don’t have as many sweet tooth cravings as I did before.
  • I don’t experience that mid-day crash.
  • I make it a point to have 1-2 “free” days where I don’t focus so much on counting macros and usually will eat a gluten-free pizza or having popcorn during movie night with the kiddos.

I really didn’t experience any carb withdrawals as I thought I would have. I mean I used to crave cookies, donuts and “regular” pizza all the damn time. In reality, it was probably because my blood sugar was all over the place. wp-1636230466248Click HERE to see a current “what I eat in a day.”


Now I only listed this as a con because if you don’t know, you just don’t know. 

In the first couple of weeks I could feel myself reaching for more drinks and I honestly had no idea why.

I usually pee a lot (TMI, yes I know) so the “excessive” peeing wasn’t too noticeable. As I did more research on what to do on a low carb [or keto] diet, I read about needing to be even more hydrated. Here’s a snippet from THIS article:

When first starting a ketogenic diet, you may find yourself urinating more often due to the depletion of glycogen (the body’s stored carbohydrates) and the natural diuretic effect of ketones themselves. Glycogen stores body water, which is released through urine when carbohydrates are restricted.

Currently, I still use Ultima Replenisher about 1-2 times a day. Sometimes I’ll drink my Fitaid as my hydration source or I do have packets of watermelon flavored Propel if I want something more fruity.

I didn’t experience brain fog or constipation.

Again I think for me, because I mix in those “higher carb days” (I usually will eat about 20% carbs that day vs. 10% of my total caloric intake), I don’t experience many of the negative side effects as opposed to someone who is following this “diet” daily.

I mainly did this change as per my doctor’s request to eat a more low-GI diet to stabalize my blood sugar. I didn’t do it for weight loss, although I did manage to lose about eight pounds.

I’ll link a few articles below in which you can read on some of your typical [keto and] low-carb diet side effects, and such.

Another thing I wanted to mention was, I have noticed my hair growing better and haven’t really experienced any hair loss as I’ve read in a good chunk of articles. It’s probably because I do take the Care/of B-Complex for hair, skin and nails.

I’ve been taking it for almost two years and my thin[ing] hair has never been better.wp-1636230260908As I always say, one day at a time.


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