Six Things I’m No Longer Buying.

If you are apart of the “minimalist” community, you may have seen some of these “things I am no longer buying” videos and posts pop up before the New Year.

Check out this one by Ashlynne, as she’s one of my favorite minimalist YouTubers.

I wanted to save my post until after to have a clean, fresh slate for the new year.wp-1640968403430Now here is the kicker; the goal with these items is to have little to no-buy goals AS MUCH as possible. It’s not to say I won’t purchases these items, I just want to minimize these purchases.

This list is going to be personal to me.

If YOU spend in these areas, there is zero judgment.


  1. Mugs: I’m notorious for buying a new mug every season. But I’ve come to a point where it is unnecessary to buy one then give it away just because I’m not “feeling” the mug.
    • Now if I see one that is handcrafted or something I know will add joy to my life, then I will purchase it.
  2. Extra Pantry Items: I’ve been pretty bad at this lately where I buy multiples because they are on sale. Then I realize I have three olive oils for no reason taking up space.
    • I want to be more conscious of using up what I have first. When the item is at it’s SECOND to last use, I’ll purchase it then.
  3. Disposable K-Cups: I got my new coffee machine in the fall and haven’t used K-Cup pods really since August.
    • I’ve been enjoying the fresh brewed coffee since it brews slower and is just more delicious. The next thing I plan to do is get some reusable coffee filters once the current ones I have run out.
  4. Dryer Sheets: I used to use wool dryer balls with essential oils all the time and then I don’t know what happened. I found myself purchasing dryer sheets again within the last year.
    • For this year, I plan to go back to that; use up the dryer sheets I currently have then get a fresh set of woolย  dryer balls.
  5. Coffee Shops: I’ve actually started this back in November. I’ve been limiting my Starbucks and local coffee spending.
    • I want to focus on ONLY getting coffee from shops when I’m out with friends or am in a pinch and need to get it along the way to somewhere.
  6. Grocery Delivery Service: Since my kiddos dad moved almost 30 minutes away from my house, I now pass many supermarkets including Aldi’s which is what I used to get Instacart for. I found that every time I did grocery delivery services, I’d spend more money then intended on food.
    • For this year, I am going to let my currently subscription to Instacart finish this month and just focus more on setting a budget and making a list for my groceries and ACTUALLY sticking to it.

And there you have it; the “five things” I don’t plan to buy in 2021. Granted if something pops up where I need to buy one of these items, that’s OKAY. wp-1618170420000.jpgI just want to be more intentional with my spending in these areas.

One day at a time, right?


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