I’m not sure if it was the full moon from the 17th, the amazing sleep I get in the Getaway tiny house (almost 9 hours) or simply just being with in the woods;

The next morning I felt a sense of calm.

I’m a firm believer that the universe sends you what you need in a given moment; whether that’s a person, an opportunity, a challenge, etc.

Over the past three years, the universe has tested me in more ways then one.

I separated from a very toxic relationship with my ex-husband.

We tried again during the peak of the pandemic.

I’ve had to set boundaries with my ex-husband…

And then set even more boundaries.

We officially got divorced in March of 2021.

Then I started on a journey to get to know myself again and reclaim things I loved. 

I started Crossfit in March 2021.

I also started a new job in April since my old gym closed down due to Covid.

I feel in love with Pilates.

Focusing on my healing journey since I officially became divorced summarizes 2021 for me.

Through those highs mentioned, I had even met some of my darkest moments.

Moments where I thought I wouldn’t escape.

Now I can honestly say I feel I finally made it through the storm. Sunshine has poked it’s way through. It’s no longer raining and the days are no longer dark.

My calm AFTER the storm has arrived. And I’m welcoming it.wp-1642813083179Every last bit. 🌿

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