Changes are upon me.

My schedule is about to have some changes all around. I had mentioned that I switched around a few classes and no longer was teaching spin.


We have some more changes to my schedule that started yesterday, March 1st.

I’ll be teaching a barre class now on Tuesday and will no longer be working at the fitness center those nights. I’ll be working the desk at on some Saturdays but still maintain my clients throughout the week.

I will soon have the kids Monday through Fridays and be “kid free” Friday nights to Sunday nights.

It’s going to be an adjustment, but I am excited for some school week stability for my oldest.

She likes taking the bus in the morning, so this is going to be good for her to have a more set routine during the school week.

I’ve been re-evaluating many things in my life since this changed happened; thinking about work, friends, fitness, hobbies and dating.

I have been in a workout funk the last week since my knee has been flaring up pretty bad. I didn’t workout for four days and that is just something I don’t do.

If you know me, I NEED to workout. If I miss past two days in a row, by the third day I go from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.


I know my body [and mind] needed the rest.

Right now, I’m just focusing on “intuitive” workouts where I’m just listening to my body and doing what I want to do.

No set program.

No set workouts per week to hit.wp-1646140245098Just listening to my body and taking it one day at a time.


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