Full Day of Eating: Low Carb.

Shocking disclaimer;

I am not a doctor.

I know many of you enjoyed my previous low carb, “what I ate” post, so I decided to write up another since I recently bumped up my carbs.

Now, I’m still considered “low carb” (20% of my macros comes from carbs) so I figured I’d share what my eats currently look like.

Again, since I am NOT a doctor, please consult your healthy care physician or nutritionist (as I did) before beginning any new “diet” plan.

Shall we?

Coffee, of course is first the in order for the day.wp-1617996419330.jpgYes, we did whip out the Easter mug. 😉

“Breakfast:” Yep, a spoonful of fat (about 2-3 Tbsps) + handful of blueberries.

I always go with Teddie’s All Natural Super Chunky Peanut Butter.

Post workout: FitAid Zero for recovery.

Lunch: Chickpea Stew, greens, cucumber and Siete chips. wp-1647117310635I know this may sound like an odd combo but trust me it’s delicious. I’ve been back on my chickpea stew kick (haven’t made it in over a year) and loving it almost daily.

Midday Snack: wp-1645447933854Hummus wrap (usually two) with tomato, cucumber and arugula + a handful of nuts.

Sometimes I use the Crepini wraps, other times I use these egg wraps.wp-1641996033305Oh, plus some coffee.

Pre-Dinner Snack:wp-1645448088764I’ll usually go with some mixed nuts or a protein bar.

These NuSkool bars have been a new favorite of mine. I found them on Instagram and did their four pack sampler; 2- chocolate peanut butter and 2- french toast.

Both are delicious and curb my sweet tooth as well.

Dinner:wp-1632862763545.jpgI’ve also been on a “nacho plate” kick again.

This is just something that I can easily bring to work in a container. In the mix I have ground turkey, organic mozzarella cheese, Newman’s Own salsa, cherry tomatoes, arugula and Siete tortilla chips [again].


My sweet tooth is still pretty non-existent.

I’d say it happens a few days before my monthly for a day or two but that’s it. Which is insane to me because y’all know I was ALWAYS craving cookies and donuts before going lower carb.wp-1631911545848.jpgAt work, I usually just do coffee.

Sometimes maybe even a Lily’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup.

In my previous post, I mentioned I was doing net carbs. But my nutrition coach recommended I’d avoid that. I did find THIS article that talks about why you shouldn’t be worried about net carbs.

This article shows different experts opinion on the net carb debate. I thought it was pretty interesting to see the different sides.

Nutrition [and fitness] are always evolving, so it isn’t a surprise that this information is out there. However, if your health care physician or nutritionist mentioned to be on net carbs, then obviously stay doing that.

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