Why I Stopped Crossfit; Maximalist.

I realized that I’ve been a Maximalist when it comes to fitness.

Can you believe it?

I, Sabrina the self proclaimed Minimalist.

As I was reading the chapter on “relationship with money” in the Love People, Use Things book by the Minimalists it dawned on me I was spending a ton of money on fitness things, especially when I started Crossfit.

Not only was I spending money on Crossfit class packages, I was buying WAY MORE on “recovery” then I normally would. In terms of recovery, I just mean MORE amino energy, Fitaid, massages and such.

To be honestly [and I am cringing as I’m about to write this] I probably spent OVER $2,000 between Crossfit class packages, personal training for Crossfit, massages, KT tape and those extra recovery “items.”

Now there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with purchasing a gym membership, including Crossfit. But I just realized it just didn’t align with my values; you know being a minimalist and all.

When I injured my knee pretty bad, I took Crossfit a bit down but I was still doing most of the workouts; still lifting heavy, still OVER doing it.

I probably spent more on “recovery” during this time since I wasn’t going to class as much and was constantly in pain. More recently, I injured my knee to the point where I can’t stand passed 30 minutes. I need to take a break for at least a couple of minutes and then I can continue.

It to the point that I needed to called my orthopedic doctor and set up an appointment to check in. I ended up getting another cortisone shot and was advised to stop ALL jumping, plus heavy lifting. I also potentially may need a knee replacement sooner then later.

On the day I am writing this post I have not jumped for almost two weeks, which seems crazy to me.

If where if you know me I enjoy jumping around like a psycho. 😀

So, it’s been hard.

Now, I’m not saying that Crossfit is bad BUT I am saying that it definitely expedited the process of my knee getting worse. I probably shouldn’t have been doing a lot of one rep max squats and too much jumping.

After I was just in too much pain, I needed to modify the workouts on my own and when that wasn’t enough, I just stopped Crossfit all together and went back to my own programming.

Mentally, I still want to jump up and down like a crazy person. But physically, I know I can’t and obviously was advised NOT to.

Sure I still do “Crossfit” like workouts, but no where near what I was doing before. While my knee still hurts pretty badly, I do feel better taking it down.

Right now I am just focusing on doing workouts from my Strength + HIIT E-Guide, my Pilates Sculpt class and mixing in yoga as well.

As I always say, one day at a time.wp-1648815674656

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