Priority Shift.

I’ve been feeling a huge shift in priories lately.wp-1649211432500Between my knee issues and reading “Love People, Use Things,” I really wanted to shift the majority of my focus to my what matters most.

wp-1648729298886Life feels good (obviously physically is a different story).wp-1648729301843Sometimes it takes something “drastic” change, if you will, to reset your priorities. Since reading that book I am making it a point to prioritize the following things even more:

  • Being present for my children
  • Talking more to my parents
  • Investing more in my personal relationship

I also wanted to dedicate more time to these:

  • Writing More
  • Reading More
  • Cooking More
  • Practicing Yoga again

It’s quite interested to me how just stopping Crossfit spiraled into a whole mindset shift.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been mentally drained having all these thoughts in my head of where my life is going (positive ones, of course).wp-1643161297381But,

My heart is full.wp-1649211431695I feel a shift in my life path for the better; a place I never thought it would get to. 

Of course, always making sure I take it one day at a time.

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