I’ve only been lifting once a week for almost two months.

It’s funny how with my injuries, my workout routine went from doing a bit of everything to now just focusing on bodyweight movements with Pilates [sculpt] and Yoga as I mentioned in THIS post.

Here’s what my current workout routine looks like:

Each week it isn’t exactly like this, but for the most part these are the workouts I’ve been doing. I’ve linked a few workouts above on YouTube [or via blog] to check out some similar workouts I do.

I’ve been enjoying how my body has been feeling.wp-1651347189572Funny thing is I didn’t realize that when I was overdoing it in my Crossfit workouts, I was stressing my body. Duh working out IS STRESS on the body.

But it’s not something you really think about is it?

Stress can cause some inflammation spikes. While some inflammation is necessary to build muscle, it’s when you push yourself beyond the micro-tears needed is when it becomes a problem.

This article HERE is a great read on how overdoing it during HIIT, Crossfit and other intense workouts can cause inflammation to the body and little things you can do to aid in recovery.

Here’s is a picture of what I looked like doing Crossfit about 3-4 times a week, two spin classes and one Pilates class. I liked how my body LOOKED, but it was definitely beat up. wp-1634088160335But I honestly feel I look the same NOW (below) and I only lift ONCE a week vs. 4-5. I also weigh about 3-4lbs less, maybe?wp-1651345815442Crazy, right?

I’ve found myself going through a shift; shifting to more “minimal” workouts.

Okay, what I really just mean is focusing on bodyweight movements and minimal equipement while still mixing in weights once (maybe twice) a week. I’m going to keep this up and see how my body changes over the next few month or so.

Maybe do an update post then for y’all too.

One day at a time.

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