The Art of Being Alone.

I recently watching this video and it got me thinking about being alone.

While I’m in a relationship and have my three children, I truly enjoy and thrive when I am alone.

Alone to sit with my thoughts.

Alone to just be myself.

I feel my most authentic self when I am alone.

It’s a chance for me to recharge and reset my mind.

It may not seem it [because I blog and teach fitness classes], I am the biggest introvert.

We live in a society where we are typically told we are “weird” if we enjoy being alone. I’ve even been called boring  because I chose to spend time by myself either reading or going for walks.

With my current partner, I’m truly thankful that he gives me the space to be myself. I don’t feel “weird” when I want alone time. I don’t feel “weird” if I tell him if I just need to be by myself to “reset.”

While he is not this way, he respects my needs.

In my previous relationship, I was shunned whenever I wanted to spend time alone. That I wasn’t truly in love with my partner or cared. But that isn’t true at all. This is just something I need to thrive.

Moments to just be still.

Be me.

Alone.wp-1642813083229One day at a time, of course.

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