Slowing More.

My [right] knee got worse.20220604_150358The pain from my arthritis got so severe that on one of my work shifts recently, I knew there was no way I could finish the shift without taking medication.

However the medication DOES cause drowsiness. If there was an emergency at work that included a weight falling on someone, I knew I wouldn’t be able to assist.

Luckily, one of my coworkers was able to finish my shift and I just took the meds and layed on the couch for ALMOST 12 hours.

I’m no longer taking on additional clients (I have a few left here and there) since I honestly can’t stand for more then 5-10mins without feeling pain.

I also had to cut another class from my schedule. I’m now left with two Pilates and one Barre class. Pilates can be done 100% on the floor if needed. For Barre, I can mix floor and standing work throughout class.  20220604_150340I’ve been going for walks more.

In the morning I try to walk for about 10-20mins so my legs aren’t so stiff. If I’m feeling up for it I will walk for about 30-40mins, but anything passed that I’d need to take multiple breaks.Resized_20220529_135602On most weekends, my partner and I will go for “coffee dates” and we’ll walk [or bike] around places; both new and old. wp-1655213436323Speaking of bike, I’ve been biking more too!

I go pretty slow and will take many breaks when riding or walk with the bike at any points that I feel are too much for my knee (mostly hills).

Oh and ALWAYS with my brace.

It’s been hard to deal with all the pain that I’ve been having and trying to sit still. If you know me, you KNOW I just can’t NOT be still. I always need to be moving as I am not the type to “just rest.”20220603_222049But this is a good “season” for me, if you will, to learn how to rest, to become more present in the moment and focus on the things that matter most…

aka the kids. ❤

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been reconnecting with nature and it feels A-mazing.20220624_060633While I await the next steps for my knee, I’ll be here taking it one day at a time.

-Sabs 🌿


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