What I Spend In A Week.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts.

I figured, since I’m focusing on a “low buy July,” I might as well share what I spend in a week being a bit more mindful of my spending.

Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Monday: $0wp-1658154335675As I mentioned in THIS post, I’m trying to stick to Monday being a “home day.”

Essentially, this means we don’t drive anywhere.

What we have been doing is hiking on the trail near our house (four minute walk) and a snack + treat once we reach the tunnel. wp-1658154314942Depending on the weather we’ll play outside some more, play in our mini pool or do some crafts. I’m also try to make it a no spend day as well.

Tuesday: $133.25

I saw that our local gymnastics studio was offering a pre-K princess gymnastics [+ dance] camp. My youngest had never done anything alone, so I figured she could try it out; the cost for the 2.5 hours camp was $30.

I told my other two they could split the giant cookie from our local coffee shop.wp-1621081945835.jpgThat cookie was almost $4.00 but I ended up having “reward” points so the cookie was free. After my youngest was finished, we got some fries as a snack ($4.97).

I also got a double shot of Espresso from Starbucks which ended up being 50% off and costing me $1.76. Oh, plus I also did a small Walmart pick-up order, which was $43.33. Lastly, my car insurance came out which is $53.08.

Wednesday: $0

I teach Pilates at 9am.wp-1645447934092 Once I’m done, I take the kids to the cafe at my work with their packed snacks. After they eat, we’ll play at the [work] playground for a bit then head home.wp-1658608416106We did ice cream after lunch, had screen time outside while I relaxed. For the rest of the day, we stayed home and were [mostly] outside.

Thursday: $151.14

Before we left the house to go [actual] grocery shopping, the kids did a great job helping me clean up the house, so I got them some munchkins ($2.81). wp-1659025865817After getting three to four days worth of groceries, which totaled $83.93, I got gas (total of $38.00). My daughter also had a 1-1 Karate session today [at my work] and that was $26.40, discounted.

Friday: $45.33

On this day, we enjoyed a slow morning.wp-1658857615297Later in the day, we went to Dollar Tree, as my kiddos had saved chore money to purchase. With the twins, we agreed on using up to $4.00 and for my oldest up to $6.00 [and saving the rest].

It was quite interesting to see again how when it’s THEIR money they have to spend, they are more mindful of their decisions. That’s what I want to teach them and that’s also the point of this low buy; to be MORE intentional with your spending.

I won’t count their items in my total, but I ended up spending $21.75 on household items like paper towels, magic erasers and such.

l also got me Starbucks after which was $2.98

Friday evenings, the kiddos get picked up by their dad around 5:00pm. I had to work until 10:00pm that night and did bring my dinner, snacks and drinks with me.wp-1631911545848.jpgOn this particular Friday, I got my partner some dinner from the restaurant at my work; total was $15.62. I had also ordered him a Mocha Cold Brew from Starbucks that he picked up which was $4.98.

Saturday: $19.08

On this particular Saturday, I had to work at 1:30pm.

Before work, my partner and I went for a walk on the trail near my house. wp-1658608416002Before my shift, I also stopped by the supermarket to pick up a couple of things that I noticed were on sale and it was ending that day. Plus I needed more fruit anyways because #summer; that was $17.76.

I was also craving some toasted almond flavor from Dunkin, so I ordered just one shot of espresso ($1.32) with three pumps of the flavor.wp-1657238443222 I then just made my own iced coffee with it at home by adding the decaf I had.

For work, I packed all my dinner, snacks and such.wp-1654651783240Sunday: $12.50

I teach early Sunday mornings, then usually do a longer workout. wp-1657658467528The only thing I purchased this day was some snacks from Dollar Tree for the kiddos (they have really good freeze dried berries). I also snagged some extra garbage bags since I was doing a lot of decluttering and had a massive pile to go to Goodwill (ended up having four bags plus four bags for trash).

There you have it. 🙂

What I spent in one week (July 18th-24th 2022), which totaled $328.47.

Obviously every week is NOT like this; sometimes I have to pay mortgage or other bills OR I spend more on kid activities (like for gymnastics).

The main thing each week is I like to have AT LEAST two no spending days (if a bill comes out that doesn’t count to me). Doing this “low buy” challenge has caused me to remind myself of the minimalist principles I love; Less is MORE.

One day at a time, of course. 


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