Stress: Part II.

You know what’s stressful?

Lack of communication with your partner.

Overworking out.

Always saying YES.

You know what’s NOT stressful?

Communicating with your partner.

Listening to your body and resting when needed.

Learning to say NO.

If it’s anything I realized over the past couple of months is that it boils down to a mindset shift.

In those past couple of months, I also found myself more stressed out. I realized in part it was because my schedule changed with the kids and I was learning how to readjust. I had become used to being with them part weekends, part week day at four days a week for almost two years.

Then, recently (April), it’s shifted to Sunday night to Friday night.

I was also having issues with my osteoarthritis.

When that got better, I started taking on more work [which I should NOT have done]. I should have said no and communicated with my partner since we DO live together and certain decisions need to be made together.

I didn’t realize how much stress had come from that; between learning how to re-budget my groceries, plan my work schedule, plan out errands and even doctor’s appointments; these things added up.

I technically only had one day “off” from the kids but I actually worked two of those days a month. I would scramble in a few hours to get everything ready for them in terms of groceries, laundry, cleaning the house and such.wp-1659015423815I had no “mental break” to myself anymore.

I was struggling, hence why I decided to start waking up earlier to have some “quiet” time to myself.

While I understand my situation may be different from yours [due to my co-parenting schedule], I think it’s important as a mom (or anyone for that matter) to get a break where you can. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 minutes or 4 hours, it is needed. We weren’t designed to be “go, go, go.”

Slow down

As they say, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

One day at a time, I got this.wp-1659634844158-Sabs 🌿

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