Minimalist[ish] Living Room.

I know I know, but you can’t blame me.

*click HERE for why.”

BUT, yes I did rearrange my living room again.wp-1662060865572We were gifted this coffee above table a few months ago.

Side note, how cute it this “see no, hear no, speak no evil” pumpkin from Dollar Tree?wp-1662145365705Anyhow, I was really excited about having one now that I’m with someone drinks coffee. But after having it, I found that I started using it more for meals or snacks instead of sitting on the kitchen table.

I did NOT want to keep doing that.

However, I did like that the coffee table had a hidden compartment that opened out. I had been using it to store their magformers and really wanted to keep them there. wp-1658836822554Plus was a nice space to play with them on too.

I also did NOT like where the desk was before since there was always a glare from the sun in my eyes. Now it’s in a much better spot.wp-1662060865786My thought for the living room was to just do something and make the space unique, hence the “off center” arrangement.wp-1662586919411It had become too cluttered with the kids desk and the play kitchen. For now the play kitchen and desk are in the shed for a “fall playroom” type thing.

I had purchased this tray table MONTHS s ago and that is what we’ve been using when a “table” is needed.wp-1662377985770I ended up moving the arts and crafts [plus homeschool] drawers in the kitchen.

Overall, I really like the space as it fits perfectly for the cozy fall weather.wp-1662586919340We’ll see; one day at a time ya know?

-Sabs 🌿

Similar fireplace TV stand HERE.

Similar couch HERE.

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