I had my first panic attack in years.

Since I’ve been able to manage most of my ADHD symptoms (and anxiety), I started “over doing it” again. There were also some things going on behind the scenes that I won’t dive into.

Let’s just discuss about me having difficulty managing living with a Maximalist. wp-1664470525758While, he did move into MY house, we are trying to grow and build together.

I had become so fixated on trying to fit him into my life where we should have been working together; like a melting pot.wp-1664470525817We both were in the wrong in different ways when it came to this.

“So how DOES a Minimalist live with a Maximalist?”

You compromise.

I’ll share the most simplest example; I was trying to have less things on the counter and reduce the clutter but it was starting to become unrealistic.wp-1664469358536Now with the fall season, I like less iced coffee and he only likes iced.

I decided to figure out a better counter setup to keep BOTH our coffee machines out, instead of hiding my small one or leaving it at work.

Why yes, I really DID leave it at work for less clutter.

With second grade just about month in, I’m still trying to figure out the best morning routine. To be honest, I haven’t figured it out yet, but it’s a work in progress.wp-1664467209071Homeschooling is still going pretty well.

I’ve decided to have three “structured days” in place while the other two are a bit relaxed.wp-1664470016450The more “relaxed days” tend to fall when we have extracurricular activities, which just works better all around.wp-1664470016505There IS more going on, but I just wanted to tackle those few things in this post.

Between homeschooling, babysitting, not working as much, co-parenting struggles, the darker nights… I think I just couldn’t mentally handle it anymore.

So here we are, starting a new this week.wp-1663705094002As always, one day at a time.

Sabs 🌿

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