Digital Declutter.

One part of my life that I haven’t decluttered is my digital space.

For me this includes pictures/ videos on my phone, unused files on my computer, Instagram, Facebook and the blog.

So, what to do?

Well for starters, I ended up decluttering the blog first.

I got rid of almost 300 posts. Some of the posts I decluttered were just not of good quality or shared too much of my children or things I didn’t want public anymore. While I know nothing ever permanently leaves the “interwebs,” I just wanted to start making their lives more private.

I’ll still be sharing things here and there in regards to the kiddos, especially with homeschool ideas or living “minimally” with kids. Other then that, I won’t be sharing more “detailed” things of them.

I want to focus this blog on minimalism, mental health and a sprinkle of motherhood. I won’t be sharing anymore workouts or fitness related content unless it’s tied to a mental health post.

I did save a few posts that were some of my favorites like my “day in the life” post with three kids under three and Kindergarten, Coivd style.

Here’s a few other digital spaces I decluttered:

  • I deleted almost 100 posts on Instagram and deactivated my account.
  • I decluttered my friend’s list on Facebook to family or school related.
  • I got rid of almost 1,000 photos and videos combined on my phone.

Here’s what I’ve gained:

  • More time in the day for what I LOVE.
  • More time to read, write and be mom.
  • Better self-esteem.
  • Not falling into the “comparison trap.”
  • Less anxiety.
  • Better sleep.

The hardest thing for me was Instagram.

I kept thinking to myself “what about those who’ve messaged and thanked me for helping them find minimalism?” Or feel better about their own mental health journey, by sharing mine?

Then it dawned on me.

I want to provide that value but not in the form of Instagram. I always find myself looking for blogs or videos on minimalism or mental health related topics.

THAT is where I find value, so that is the value I should focus on providing. I’ve been blogging for over 11 years and it brings me so much joy.


I just want to dedicate more time to that.

We have a new domain that more simple: will remain active until January 2023.

Here, I’ll be sharing my journey with minimalism, simple living, mental health awareness sprinkled with motherhood. If you were here for the fitness or mom posts, I totally understand if this doesn’t align with your needs.

But I do hope you stick around if the path of this blog will bring you value.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week.As always, remember to take things “one day at a time.”

-Sabs  🌿

9 thoughts on “Digital Declutter.

  1. You should be so proud of yourself for decluttering so much already 🙂 I need to get rid of photos on my phone and haven’t done it yet. And I totally understand the need to keep children’s photos private. I share a few photos of my kids on Twitter and my blog, but my blog isn’t a parenting-focused blog. I did this on purpose so I could focus more on personal development, health and well-being.

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    1. Yes too all this! I feel as moms we focus SO much on kids and forgot ourselves, which is what I did. Now time to refocus, right? The phone is hard! I got an SD card and decided to keep 1-2 of my favorite photos of every type of event. So for example a birthday party of the kids I saved 1-2 favs. Granted this didn’t work for everything (some needed 3 or 4 lol) but it was a start and it feels good. 🌿

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      1. A while ago I transferred all of my photos and it felt so liberating afterwards. If I needed a photo later on, I could sort through the files on the computer and email the specific photo to myself. It forced me to be more mindful of which photos I wanted to share with people and it really made me slow down, which was nice.

        Fast forward to now, and I have 5000+ photos on my current phone. I am feeling overwhelmed again. I tend to keep everything on my phone, from screenshots to notes to rough blog post drafts. Our smart phones are like mini computers and being on them 24/7 cannot be good for us long-term. I will take your advice and start decluttering my digital life too. The only thing that I have kept decluttered are the apps on my phone. I only have 1 page of apps sorted into specific folders. 🙂


  2. Oh man that does sound like it was nice! But yes, phones get cluttered so fast especially since it’s so ingrained in our lives now. One thing I did with my phone was go through my screenshots/ notes (since I had a lot) and I wrote in my planner what I actually used/ needed. Turned out 80% of those notes I did not even need or turn to again. Wishing you luck on your decluttering journey! Just start with even one photo a day to get some momentum going! ❤


  3. Thank you for the kind words! I deleted my old IG for my blog last year as I felt most of my traffic was coming from hashtags/ Google searches. I honestly saw more traffic on my blog once I stopped focusing on IG for it and just focused on the actual content, titles and hashtags. Good luck on your journey! ❤


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