October Reset. 🍂

I was inspired by THIS video to have a self-care day.On Saturday, I was solo; no kids and my partner was working. This meant I’d be alone for almost eight hours.

Let me tell you that was needed, especially with what happened last week.I took my time taking care of myself as well as things in the house that I either a. have been avoiding to do (like the kid’s closet) or b. things I wanted to change to be more functional for our current family dynamic.

I did start with the kids closet and what worked very well was I was just gifted a bookshelf by my neighbor. I decided to take their old one and put it in closet to store their blankets.

I decluttered their closet a bit as well as changed out most of their clothes to fall/ winter. I was able to get rid of almost two trash bags of clothes that I knew would not fit next year.

We got rid of the coffee table as I mentioned and put a bench instead. wp-1664814800644It has worked much better to put on shoes, store the small bench for the play kitchen and just have more space overall in the living room.

I also purchased a new desk.wp-1664814800711One thing I didn’t realize was I was struggling to find a spot for my “things.”

I used to put my folders, files and such on the side of the closet that my partner now uses. I wanted easy access to them but didn’t want to clutter my old desk. After much trial and error, I ended up making the decision to purchase this simple desk. wp-1664814800680Now I have a space for my “paper things,” books and such with easier access. Plus my old desk was pretty beat up from several moves.

I honestly was trying to avoid buying anything new and just work with what I had. Again, it just wasn’t ideal anymore. I had to let go and purchase some new things.

It was no longer myself and the kids; there’s another adult who needs space too.I had to stop thinking “how can I fit him into my life?”

It had to be “how can we work together to build a better life together.”wp-1664798038179I’m learning.

You know, one day at a time.

-Sabs 🌿

Love alexrainbirdMusic for Indie Folk music and Relaxing Jazz Piano for background tunes.

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