Minimalist[ish] Desk.

Alright, alright… y’all should know how my brain works by now.

Remember this desk I literally just had in the living room?

Well I ended up giving it to my oldest. was going to actually give her the same desk for Christmas. She has been reading and drawing a lot and I wanted her to have a space of her own.

But almost two weeks ago, she started getting homework.

It was apparent that doing it in the kitchen or the living room wasn’t going to work. She needed a space where she could close the door and focus better. When she came home from school the day I put the desk in her room, she was so excited not only for the desk but to do her homework right away.

I truly loved how she was so excited.I saw how she was struggling with the chaos in the kitchen [or the living room] while doing her homework since she usually does it while I’m cooking.

And myself?

I actually found myself not even using the desk, as much as I liked it.


I honestly was just using this folding tray table I had [80% of the time] so my thought was just to get a larger one. But to my minimalist content, I found that they made folding “desks.”Essentially, it’s a glorified folding tray table.

But, I cannot tell you how much I love this desk.

If I want a desk it can be there.

If I want to use it next to the couch, I can move it easily.

I also realized I didn’t want a chair as it causes me to slouch. I wanted to find something functional that if I didn’t have the desk, would be useful or easy to store.After a long Amazon search [and rabbit hole], I found THIS stool. 

As for my files and books?

I decided to just get this expanding filing folder and organized them there. My books I stored in this small basket I wasn’t really using.

I had moved that shelf into the living room to create more space in the closet. My partner plans to get himself a desk for our bedroom, so this shelf would have to go regardless.

I can honestly say, that I’m content with the way the living room turned. I was pretty happy with how it turned out before, but now I’m really enjoying the space.It’s cozy and not too cluttered.

It also is quite functional and can be made to fit whatever my needs might be at the time since they are usually ever changing.One day at a time right? 

Sabs 🌿

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