Minimalist [ish] Planner.

Over the passed year or so, I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of being a better planner.

Before Covid hit, I was very on top of my “planning” game.

Yet for some reason, when I started working again, mixed with my partner moving in, my oldest in school, more extracurricular activities plus now mixed with homeschool.


I literally could not remember anything anymore. This pretty minimalist planner that I purchased for 2022 just wasn’t cutting it anymore towards the middle of this year. I even tried using a bullet journal too because I wanted to be as “cool” as everyone else.

But I realized, I’m NOT everyone else.

My brain is not like everyone else’s either.

Back in the day, I used to use a PDA when I was younger and that worked well.

Yes, I’m that old. 🙃

But the minimalist in me tried to avoid getting a planner app on my phone because I really didn’t want to be glued to my phone any more than I already was.

I sucked it up one day and browsed through some planners in the app store and found “My Daily Planner.” I ended up getting the premium version for the year (under $10) and I’ve been using it for almost a month and have found myself forgetting WAY less.I’m also less late (which has always been a problem for me).

What’s good is if I randomly think of something [which happens all the time], I take out my phone and add it in. The design is simple and quite user friendly. I also like that it’s “checklist” style because I just love me a good checklist.

Before this app I used to have my Google Calendar, my planner, a notebook, my wall calendar and post it notes everywhere.Now I just use my Google Calendar and My Daily Planner app.


My whole point here is to not only to share this app that has worked for me [and my ADHD brain], but to remind anyone who needs to hear it that “it’s okay NOT to be like everyone else.”-Sabs 🌿

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