If you’re new here, November is my time for a “no spend month.”

I like to be cheesy and call it “NO-SPEND-VEMBER.”How do you not spend money in a month?

Well the answer is the obvious.

You can’t.

So what does this even mean?

Well, the point of a “no spend month” or NSM for short, is to really focus on the essential purchases and not anything “extra.” You can read more on a NSM month HERE, but I really just want to reset my mindset with money.

Here is what’s on my mind for “rules:”

  • Do a Starbucks run only ONCE per week.
  • Purchase ONE candle PER week:
    • I’ve probably been buying like 2-3 per week, so limiting myself to ONE max per week or until I finish my current one.
  • Knock off [as close to] $100 off my grocery bill.
  • Utilize the Library more for movies;
    • I’m cutting my Noggin and Paramount + Subscription.
  • Spend LESS on my work childcare fees:
    • Last month I noticed when I paid a bit more attention to the time or choose to workout at home instead of the gym, I saved almost $30 in fees. Curious to see how much I save this month being even MORE mindful.

One of the main reasons, I like to do a NSM in November is because it’s the twin’s birthday month plus Christmas is around the corner and I like to save up a bit extra.

This year, I am going back to my usual four gifts per kid; something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. The last two Christmases I didn’t stick to this rule due to COVID and my divorce.

Now that we are all “settled” [from these last two-ish years], I’ll be sticking to my gift-giving rule. 🌿

SO… feel free to join me for a NSM if you’d like!

I’ll be updating as we go through the month on how I’m doing. I find that documenting the process (the highs and lows) motivates me to keep going and work harder towards my goals;One day at a time of course.

Sabs 🌿

4 thoughts on “NSM.

  1. This is a great idea. I like that you are doing NSM in November rather than January like I typically do.

    I’m tempted to do a “no candy buying month” this November because we have so much candy and junk food from Halloween.


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