2023 Intentions. ❄️

As I mentioned in my last post, I thought 2022 was going to be my year.

The other day, my partner told me that I did a lot of “finding myself” last year. He told me I wasn’t quite yet there, but that I was on the right path.

It’s true; in 2022, I completely lost myself.For 2023, I decided to just continue on that path of “finding myself” and focus less on setting unrealistic goals and expectations.Right now there are a mix of people that say you should take everyday as a fresh start and don’t NEED to start on January 1st. But honestly, I enjoy it. It feels like a clean slate, especially with the holidays being over.

Here are some things I plan to continue in 2023 and areas I want to focus on improving:

  1. Read ONE book per month. Since October, I’ve been able to read anywhere from 2-4 books a month. I’d like to read at least two books per month, but I want to be realistic with myself.
    • Life happens and I don’t want that added pressure lingering in my mind. So, I’ll just commit to one book and anything more will be a nice bonus.
  2. Workout 3x’s a week. If you’ve been a long time reader, you’ll probably know that I used to workout 5-6 x’s a week.
    • It’s quite trippy to me to see where my fitness has gone over the last year; from teaching 5-6 classes a week on top of adding in my own workouts to cutting to one class and just a few workouts a week.
    • For now, my goal is to just do three solid workouts a week and do some time of movement daily for 10 minutes whether it be a morning yoga stretch or short walk when the weather allows.
  3. Physical therapy 1x per week. I currently have a labral tear in my left hip. The root cause is unknown, but the main issue for a tear like this is just overuse and too much pivoting motions.
    • While the tear can’t heal on its own, you can do physical therapy, get injections and focus on building hip and glute strength. Hopefully this helps me avoid any future surgeries.
  4. Focus on being more present with my children. This is something I’d never want to FULLY achieve as there is always room to grow. I can always learn something daily through all the ups and downs of motherhood and as my children get older too.
    • I want to focus less on STUFF and more on moments such as movie nights in, crafting and walks through the woods just to name a few.
  5. Schedule MORE alone time. If there is one thing I learned between my previous marriage, having children and now dating someone is that I NEED my alone time. I NEED to recharge, it’s just how my brain works. While I am thankful to get a solid day off from my children to get laundry, groceries and other things done, I need to plan alone time.
    • Nothing to do for a least a couple of hours by myself to recharge. If you’re not like this, you may not understand but some recharge by socializing and some crave solitude and need time to reflect inward.Here are a few other random things I’d like to do more of in 2023:
  • Find new trails to walk/ hike.
  • Use the library more.
  • Read less non-fiction.
  • Go to the farm more (spring time).
  • Try a different Getaway location (most likely in CT)

There you have it. ❄️Just a few things I want to focus on this year, nothing outlandish.

Remember “life’s is a journey NOT a destination.”-Sabs 🌿

2 thoughts on “2023 Intentions. ❄️

  1. Happy New year! I was wondering… I’ve seen you grow so much throughout the last year.. do you agree with your partner that you’re “still not quite there”?


    1. Thank you!! And oh man, I thought 2022 was going to be stable but it lead to me falling apart to “become” what I needed to be. I definitely can say I am not quite there yet, especially now with my hip injury setting me back in different ways (specifically work). So we shall see! Hope you’re 2023 is going well! 🙂


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