Almost 35. 🌻

I’m just about four months from turning 35.

I don’t know why it feels like such a midlife crisis to me.

So please just bear with me until June. 🫠

I won’t go back into it ALL (you can read more on that jist HERE), but there have been quite a lot of changes that have occurred since my hip injury mid-December.

Lets reserve this post for work changes, shall we?

I was only teaching one class at the time of my hip tear diagnosis.

Things felt great before then in class.

I was hoping come January, I could add another.

But then the hip tear happened mid-December and I tried to stick it out for a few weeks teaching Barre. But after about three classes I noticed that it was taking me about 2-3 days to recover and my weekends were spent in pain.

It was too much pivoting motion, pliés, lunges, squats, pulsing… and standing.

Granted if I were a participant there would be SO MANY ways to modify or slow down; but as the instructor?

Not really doable.

It was the same reason I had to give up teaching spin; too much standing and being out of the saddle was too much pressure on my knee. So what was I to do now?

I had no choice but to give up that class even though I really didn’t want to have zero classes a week. But then an opportunity came up for me to take over a Pilates class and it just ended up happening at the perfect moment.

There was no lapse in me not having one class weekly.

I’ve also been about to cover at least six classes since January and continue to put my name in to sub Pilates or Forever Fit strength and balance classes (which is a class geared towards seniors that I am certified to teach).

It feels good to be able to contribute to the team again.

Then another opportunity arose for me to start personal training again.

Remember I was pretty much, it’s time to let that part of me go?

Somewhere along the way between losing myself and embarking on this “finding myself” journey, I actually found my passion again for training.

I’m beyond grateful for all these recent opportunities.

My children will all be in school full-time come this September. I’ll be able to have the time to dedicate to my fitness career and build what I want from it.

Perhaps my time is now?

I suppose we shall see.Sabs🌿

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